"Elucid is a top-down 3D hack ‘n’ slash game for the PC where you play as Nox, a sword wielding vigilante fighting to bring down the yakuza under an eternal night sky in the neon futuristic city of Teki, Japan."


Elucid was my first major production that I worked on. With a team of 7 other designers, we worked for 3 months to create a vertical slice of a hypothetical full game. Working on Elucid as my first major video game project taught me a lot about working in a team and what it takes to make a game.

For this project, I worked with my team to develop the combat and player movement mechanics as well as the visual style and identity of the game. As my first outing as a team leader, my main challenges came with regards to scoping and scheduling our game, as well as unfamiliar man management obstacles.

Development Details

Team Makeup 8 total (2 designers, 4 artists & 2 programmers)

Project Dates September to November 2020 (10 weeks)

Game Engine Unity